Academic administration is the key area of educational institutions to be taken care of, where, respective stakeholders are responsible for maintenance and supervision of the institution. Solutionerz Group offers its diversified services to develop academic infrastructure with following components:

  • Admissions protocols
  • Marketing promotional campaigns
  • Supervision of academic affairs such as hiring, promotion, tenure, and evaluation
  • Maintenance of official records and audit of financial flows
  • Maintenance and construction of campus buildings
  • Infrastructural development of campus computers and network (Information Technology)
  • Fundraising from private individuals and foundations
  • Research administration
  • Public affairs (including relations with the media, the community, and local, state, and federal governments)
  • Integration of academic components through customized software as well as ERP Solutions

The structure of management and administration varies from one institution to the other. For instance, Directors may report to the Registrar or directly to the Vice-Chancellor, whilst other senior posts may or may not report to the Registrar. This next level of senior positions might include Directors of Human Resources, and Corporate Affairs. The Academic Registrar is often included in this next level. Their core responsibility is apt to be centered on student-facing administrative processes such as admissions, student records, complaints, and graduation.

Directors and superintendents are simply interested in the theory of educational administration and prefer its practices to fulfill the needs of principals. The list of responsibilities for an administrator includes admissions, quality assurance, data management and examination or in a specialist department such as finance, careers or human resources. The Solutionerz Group proudly serves for required tasks regarding academic administration which may include:

  • Working on committees including academic boards, governing bodies and task groups
  • Assisting with recruitment, public or alumni relations and marketing activities
  • Administering the ‘student life cycle’ from registration or admission to graduation or leaving
  • Providing administrative support to an academic team of lecturers, tutors or teachers
  • Drafting and interpreting regulations and dealing with queries and complaints procedures
  • Coordinating examination and assessment processes
  • Maintaining high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course approval procedures
  • Using information systems and preparing reports and statistics for internal and external use
  • Participating in the development of future information systems
  • Contributing to policy and planning
  • Managing budgets and ensuring smooth running of financial systems
  • Organizing and facilitating a variety of educational or social activities