Quality certifications and accreditation is an immense need of academia in private sector. In order to address the need of current era, the Solutionerz Group has ready Accreditation guidance sets for academic participation in the scheme for the benefit of institutional stakeholders. Accreditation guidance focuses on standards and spots out areas of development as it is considered one of the most innovative and effective development in the educational sector.
The core function of Accreditation guidance is to keep your organization informed and up to date in terms of changes likely to impact on your Accreditation status. It has been developed to help your resilience through effective forward planning to balance multiple aspects of management and to encourage your institutional staff and faculty to be responsive to your student’s needs and expectations as needed. It also enables governing bodies to appraise institution’s current performance and supports in planning and developing services including:

  • A quality standard that serves as an authoritative benchmark for assessing performance, rewarding achievement and driving improvement.
  • An awareness to building confidence and credibility both within the governing body and among public.
  • Assistance for participants to improve their focus on meeting student’s needs and interest and developing their workforce.
  • Self evaluation of faculty/staff’s services while encouraging them for joint working within and between institutes.
  • Assistance for forward planning by formalizing procedures and policies.
  • Demonstration of an institution’s international/national standards, which strengthens applications for public and private funding and gives investors confidence in the institution.

Accreditation Process

Usually it’s a nine step process to avail accreditation for any institution for which Solutionerz offers its exclusive services

Step1. Qualifying for accreditation

Step2. Providing the initial submission

Step3. Producing the overview

Step4. Obtaining an external opinion

Step5. Providing feedback on the overview

Step6. Making an accreditation decision

Step7. Public consultation

Step8. Making an accreditation decision

Step9. Publication of decision