Academic collaborations can be either long or short term mutually-enriching relationships between two or more academic institutions, departments, schools or faculties. Occasionally, non-academic institutions may be involved in such linkages if they can play a valid role in teaching or research. Linkages often originate through informal faculty or staff contacts, but eventually evolve into formal agreements which may cover a variety of forms of cooperation.

Solutionerz Group has established protocols to deal with the following academic linkage possibilities worldwide:

  • Student exchange
  • Study abroad programs for students
  • International visiting faculty program
  • International visiting scholar program
  • International university mentor-ship program for faculty and staff
  • Faculty exchange program
  • Joint research program
  • Library (electronic) and documentation exchange
  • Pedagogical material exchange program
  • Organizing international seminars and conferences

Academic linkages can also evolve out of multilateral research and development projects. Solutionerz Group administers large institutional development projects involving close cooperation among universities operating globally.

As mentioned previously, academic linkages often originate through informal contact between faculty or staff at two or more institutions who share some form of common interest. For short-term projects or academic interactions of limited scope or duration, no formal linkage agreements are necessary. However, if there is sufficient interest, support, and potential for long-term interaction, then informal arrangements may evolve into formal academic linkages.